If You Are a Manager or Are Thinking of Owning Your Business – Here are a Few Ways to Support Your Staff Through the End of 2021!

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2021

As the work environment continues to shift during the ongoing Pandemic, it is only inevitable that people will react in many different ways. Covid-19, and a multitude of other personal, family, and exterior factors are causing a visible increase in stress, fear, anxiety, illness, safety accidents, ‘foggy brain’, and depression. It is only to be expected that these factors will creep into the workplace (home or at the office).

As a Manager, a Leader, or a Business Owner, it is important that you check in regularly and consistently on your staff and make sure they're taken care of.  

Here are 5 Ways to Start Supporting Your Staff on a Deeper Level.

  1. Start with the Foundation: Providing a safe (physical or virtual) working environment requires observing and communicating with the people you work with each day. Take some time to get to know your staff by expressing interest in their well-being, family, and professional pursuits. Speak to each staff member each day via in person, phone, or email (if possible).
  2. Promote Engagement: Encourage engagement from your staff by sending out a ‘Question of the Day or Week’, or a Motivation Quote, or create a system that enables your staff to anonymously submit professional topics they would like to talk about. Creating a communication channel enables your staff to open up and be authentic. It also demonstrates that you value their input.
  3. Mental Breaks: Within the constraints of your work policies, offer your staff as much flexibility as you can, inquire if people may need time off to care for sick loved ones or for their own mental health. This may involve documentation and approval however it is usually less costly to enable an employee to take some time now than to lose a valued staff member.
  4. Lead from the Front: Communicate in an effective and positive manner. When you exhibit a level of calm, poise, and adaptability, it will help your staff feel more comfortable and at ease. It’s a social concept that when the Manager has everything (or appears to have everything) under control and exhibits an approachable, work-it-out kind of attitude; values and treats their staff with respect, employees are calmer and less stressed at work.
  5. Birthdays: Sounds simple right. Make a list of all your staff members and their birthday with reminders in your phone, computer, or your admin’s system. Send an email or a tangible birthday card to each staff member on their birthday. Truth be told, it may be the ONLY birthday card/wishes that person gets.

During these unprecedented times it's important to let others know they are heard, valued, cared for, and appreciated!

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