Your New Side Hustle is Here!

Is there any reason why, in this day and age, economic times, and career uncertainty that you wouldn't want a side hustle? I think not! 

And of course, I think YOUR side hustle should be a Resume Writing Business.


Here are just the top 10 Reasons:

1. Let's start with the obvious - time. You can get your business up and running in 30 days. That means by the end of the year, you could be generating a second form of income by writing only 1 to 2 resumes a week.

2. There is very little overhead to start a resume business - no products to sell and no inventory to stock! Most of the money you make will be profit minus any website hosting, software, or affiliation fees. 

3. Clients are already looking for you - with over 31 million people out of work, as of this writing (Aug 2020) - people need your services!

4. A Resume Business is mobile - it moves with you - just pack up your laptop and phone and you are ready to keep booking those clients.

5. You can work from home or anywhere. On your lunch break, after the kids are settled for the night, a couple of hours on the weekend -  and still make great side hustle money.

6. You CAN learn to write resumes (of course I have a 10 step process that makes it easier), but you can go from not knowing to knowing, to growing, to becoming an expert. Willing to learn?

7. If you like to talk to people, this is the perfect side-hustle. Clients want a business owner who will listen to them. (And trust me, some of the stories will keep you entertained)!

8. Homeschooling your kids right now? (I'm right there with you!). Work along side your kids, while you're supervising their instruction (or attention span). 

9. You already have skills and knowledge that you can utilize such as specific knowledge in your current or previous jobs. You can research and quickly gain knowledge on job descriptions and requirements through the internet as well. Computer skills are a huge plus!

10. This is a recession proof business - down economy - we need resumes, up economy - we need resumes! There are more clients than ever before that understand that a utilizing a resume service could be the difference between a high-paying job and months of unemployment or UNDER-employment. 

Sounds like something you can do! Heck ya!

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Get ready to start the NEW YEAR with your new business! Everyone needs a side hustle! 



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