One of my saddest days and how to balance life and family as an Entrepreneur

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021

Hint: Starts with taking care of the Entrepreneur

So, today was a scary day for our family. Finding out the results of an MRI is always a moment of holding your breath until the doctor begins to talk. My 17-year old's MRI revealed that she had to have surgery on her left knee (after just having had surgery on her right knee last year in May). Being there as a parent in these moments is invaluable. I would take all her pain in a moment, if I only could. At least this time I know what to expect and how to take care of her, and how to PREPARE to take care of her. 

I also know the toll it will take on me, as well, as her primary caregiver. Creating and running your own business can be extremely rewarding, but it also comes with many challenges - most of the time those challenges are business related and sometimes they are personal, or family related. 

It’s how you choose to deal with and handle those challenges that will make you a successful business owner. Any financial uncertainty is enough to cause stress. That is why I am so thankful that I started my business as a Resume Writer, when I did so that I could be there for her last year and still have a viable income without having to leave my house - or her. 

With building a business and becoming a new business owner can come the mindset of being in a constant work mode. This often leads to putting your selfcare last - I used to put myself last and still do a little too often.

Keeping our overall mental and physical health a priority will lead to a more successful life and business. Your time outs and self-care routines to allow yourself to re-center don’t have to be costly or luxurious. They can be simple and easy.

For example:  I drink a Slimfast shake every day and I take a lunch every day (sometimes 30 minutes and sometimes an hour) even when both my kids are at home e-learning. This is my time to slowly eat my lunch - check out from the computer - watch what I call a mindless show - usually one of the Real housewives of... or Married at First Sight or Home in 100 Days. 

- Read a Book - When I am waiting at an appointment or to pick one of the girls from school, I will whip out a paperback (confession- sometimes they are business related). I picked up The Meaning of Mariah (Hero is one of my favorite songs) so I am diving into that. 

- Go for a walk - Winter loves this (my miniature schnauzer mix) - even if it is only to the mailbox. And sometimes I go in the snow. Or play with her outside for a 'Vitamin D' moment or to feel the crisp cool air.

- Exercise - Whether walking Winter, turning a few times on my fit balance board, or a good 300 calorie burn on the treadmill I try to get some exercise in. Sometimes it is just carrying laundry up and down and sweeping - but doing it with vigor!

- Get back into a hobby - I am turning back on my decorating hat as we contemplate building a new house in the near future. So, I am loving soaking up all the creative design again!

- Meet a friend for lunch or coffee - I don't do this as often in the winter or with COVID, but even a short facetime check in can do wonders to lift your spirits. I have go-to girlfriends for making sure I get a good laugh in!

A few other great de-stressors are journaling, vision boards, meditation, 30 minute nap, cup of tea, and relaxing lavender scented baths. 

As I prepare to take care of our daughter, I am also going to make sure I take care of myself so I can show up and be there physically and emotionally for her. Whatever challenges you have in your life, and especially if you are running your own business (as we tend to do it all) - always remember to make sure to spend time recharging your batteries, relaxing, finding those quiet moments just for you. 

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Find and Make time for you!!


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