The Perfect Pitch - 5 Steps to an EFFECTIVE Elevator Pitch - Harness the Power of Your Unique Value Proposition

In this fun-filled course - YOU WILL LEARN:


What an Elevator Pitch (EP) is

Communication can sometimes be a struggle, we've all been there. A go-to, conversational Elevator Pitch is a must-have in today's world of networking and fast-paced communication. We will deep dive into what an EP is, and why YOU need one, or maybe even two.


A Quick & Easy 5-Step Funnel Formula for constructing your EP 

Go at your own pace through this mini-course that will provide you with an actionable framework for HOW to craft YOUR personal EP. I will walk you step-by-step through the 5-Step Funnel Formula.  


The Secret Sauce to add into your EP! 

Hint: You will discover HOW to identify YOUR Unique Value Proposition (UVP) - the key ingredient in your EP! 


How to use your EP and UVP

Did you know that you can create an EP to achieve a specific goal or purpose? Do you need more than one EP? Most people do. We will cover multiple types of EPs for various situations and you will get lots of samples too!


Is this workshop right for you?

This course is FOR you, if...

  • You are in the military, retired, or transitioning. 
  • You are actively conducting your job search interviewing and constantly replying to "Tell me about yourself." 
  • You are an executive or professional who participates in networking, professional affiliations, conferences, speaking engagements, board meetings and/or as a company representative.
  • You are a sales professional  that is always prospecting and looking to make new connections. You have a brand message to relay or a product to sell. 
  • You are a power player in your industry land you need to communicate your VALUE. 
  • You own your own business.
  • You are a Real Estate Agent/Broker.
  • You work for a non-profit organization. 
  • You are always open to new career possibilities that may cultivate from conversations.
  • You are looking for new talent to add to your team or company. 
  • You ever wished that you could have made a second impression because you didn't quite nail the first one. Need a do-over?
  • You don't work outside the home, but want to answer the question "What do you do?" thoughtfully. 
  • You sometimes wonder what EXACTLY to say to the conversation starter: "What do you do?"

P.S. Join me to learn how to quickly and easy develop a communication tool that you will use almost every day! 


Not just an ordinary course...

Here's exactly what you will discover inside the course:

  • What the most important elements are for crafting a GREAT Elevator Pitch
  • My personal 5-step system to craft your Elevator Pitch
  • What an Elevator Pitch is - and is NOT
  • Identify and discover your most relevant skills
  • Increase your confidence for answering 'Tell me about yourself', or 'What do you do?'
  • Increase sales through clear, concise brand messaging 
  • Uncover what is UNIQUE about your value
  • Relay problems you solve, not just what you do
  • Identify your authentic voice
  • Create an effective, engaging, and unique Elevator Pitch
  • Have the opportunity to gain feedback and work directly with me to perfect your pitch
  • Never be at a loss of words during an introduction
    and much, much more...Can't wait to see you inside!

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A Note From The Instructor...

Hi I'm Kara,

Welcome to my first course within A Platinum Resume Career Academy.

I can't wait for you to jump in and get started creating your Elevator Pitch and your Unique Value Proposition! This course will improve your communication skills, and may even change the way you think about conversation.

The Elevator Pitch is one of the  first impressions you make, whether in person, across email or on the phone. It can be imperative to get it right. There is rarely a second chance or a do-over.

As the Owner, CEO and Chief Writer at A Platinum Resume, LLC, I have been helping thousands of clients by creating powerful resumes and career documents; providing interview training and resources, and working directly to assist clients with their job search efforts.

As a  former Trainer and Instructor for the Department of Defense, Department of Army, and the Department of the Air Force, I have developed training lessons, entire training programs, and presentations for thousands. 

I am excited to merge my experience as a 4X Certified Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Coach, and Certified Trainer into creating engaging online courses specifically researched and developed for you! 

I can't wait to see you inside this quick - fun mini-course! 

Questions? Contact me at [email protected]

I'm Ready!

"Kara did an absolutely amazing job, and provided a high level of support and encouragement during my career change. Two weeks after I had started to submit my resume I had 7 interviews, and with the knowledge I gained from the interview prep materials I had 5 second interviews. "


"Kara provided me with exceptional customer support, very well constructed career documents and most importantly, a unique perspective on the current job market that I was lacking! You did an amazing job on my resume!! "


"I wanted to update you on my employment status. I literally got a phone call two days after my resume was submitted! I had an interview the next week and they were impressed with my resume. I got hired officially!!!"