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How to Identify, Define & Clarify Your Resume Purpose, Career Goals, and Resume Strategy!

Writing your own resume can be challenging, overwhelming, and downright frustrating...


It's hard to know just where to start. 

What if you knew EXACTLY where to start and what to do next? 

What if you felt confident right out of the gate, ready to start writing your own resume from a place of Knowledge, Power, and Certainty?

 Stop procrastinating and second-guessing what to do.

Your Resume Has To Do A Lot of Work -


Navigate the Applicant Tracking System,

Get the "Yes!" Green Light from Human Resources (9 to 12 second scan),

 Impress the 'hard to impress' Hiring Manager.

If you've...

  • felt overwhelmed at the thought of writing your own resume
  • stopped applying for jobs because your resume isn’t ready or ‘good enough’
  • Or have been brave enough to hit ‘send’ only to get no human response. Nothing…


Then This Workshop is for You.

The First 3 Steps for Writing a Powerful & Modern Resume Workshop is designed to provide the foundation, structure, and focus that you need to get excited about writing your own resume. 

 Take the First Step to Finding Clarity in Why You Need a Resume NOW and Why You Need to Target Your Resume.

Define Your Professional Identity so that Your Ideal Employer Can Find You. 

Identify & Define Your Job and Career Goals to EMPOWER Your Resume.


Join Me Inside This Free Workshop Where You'll Discover: 

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Your resume is one of the most important documents in your life...



What if you could start right this minute to learn 3 things that you can do today to make writing your own resume SO MUCH EASIER and learn  the 3 biggest mistakes most candidates make on their resumes? 

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Did you know that writing your own resume will increase your ability to interview effectively 75% and bring you confidence instantly? 

Jump in to this FREE Resume Writing Workshop and learn the 3 things that will catapult your ability to write your own powerful and modern resume from a place of clarity, confidence, and certainty. 

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MOTIVATED to Write Your Resume! 

This FREE Workshop will help you feel in control of your career narrative.  Learn the blueprint essential to releasing the stuck and stifled feeling that shows up when you put off creating your future. 

If you're willing to invest a little professional development time (just for you), I'm excited to invite you into The First 3 Steps for Writing a Powerful & Modern Resume, so that you can reclaim your control, time, money, confidence, and desire to make that career move - you know the one!

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“Kara did an absolutely amazing job and provided a high level of support and encouragement during my career change.  I had been with my previous employer for 17 years and had not written a resume during that time and did not know the best format or process to create a new one.  During initial meeting Kara did a great job of understanding my work experience and my goals for my new career.  She took the time to walk me through potential resume options and also provided a high level of detail about each of the services she could provide including interview prep materials and recruiter support.  Two weeks after I had started to submit my resume I had 7 interviews, and with the knowledge I gained from the interview prep materials I had 5 second interviews.  I ultimately had 4 different job offers and I was able to choose the company I wanted to work for during the next phase of my career.  I would recommend A Platinum Resume to anyone interested in creating a resume that will grab the attention of any employer.  Kara not only develops a branded resume that highlights an individual’s skills and goals, she does so with a very caring and supportive manner." - Operations Executive 
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